Seven things Nigerian celebrities can learn from Bobrisky

  • Hate him or love him, he’s going to be in your face.

Nigeria’s very own resident Snapchat celebrity, Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju, fondly known as Bobrisky, has been on a steady rise this year.

While many Nigerian celebrities are quick to bash the cross-dressing, social media phenomenon, there are a couple of lessons they can learn from this ‘risky bobo’.


1. Know What Yours Fans Want

Bobrisky is a social phenomenon for many reasons but his fanbase is definitely the most important one.

Knowing your target audience is an essential part of staying relevant in this day and age. It is not enough to follow trends, you also have to know what your people want so you can start your own trend.

2. Create Your Own Catchphrase

Every time someone says ‘Oshey baddest’, Bobrisky’s spirit is welcomed into the room. Catchphrases are an awesome way of remaining in people’s stream of consciousness even when they have no reason to think about you. Catchphrases will reach places where a person’s reputation will not.


3. Find A Product To Sell

Contrary to popular belief, Bobrisky does have a way of making money. That’s right, Nigeria’s male Barbie has his own line of cosmetic products. His skin whitening cream goes for N100,000 a pop. Using your fame to endorse your own brand is smart business.

remember that time ‘riskiy disposed an expensive weave after just four days of using it? Because, big chicks don’t reuse old weaves

4. Controversy Sells

The jet age will forever be remembered as the age where controversial characters became influential ones and Bobrisky is an exemplary of that. Being polarising has its down sides, a.k.a. haters, but for every hater, there are 10 die hard fans.


5. Keep An Air Of Mystery

Don’t act like you haven’t stayed up all night wondering who exactly Bobrisky’s bae is. Okay, maybe not all night, but it would definitely have crossed your mind once or twice. It keeps Risky mysterious and his fans angsty as he teases them with the possibility of his beloved bae.

Bobrisky often mentions bae who helps fund his lifestyle

6. Acknowledge Your Haters

From Taylor Swift to Bobrisky, thriving on ‘hater love’ has proven time and again to be a sure way of rising up the social media ladder and staying there. Its good to ignore negative vibes, but every now and then, let them know they are not killing you, only making you stronger.


7. Make Them Pay!

Entertainment is hard work and hard work should be rewarded! Bobriksy going premium on Snapchat has shown that no matter what your hustle is, no matter how odd, if you are good at, people will pay it.

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