Apart from the likelihood of losing all their wealth and influence, what would you say is the number one thing possibly all celebrities hate? If you’re thinking along the lines of paparazzi, chances are you’re right. For people who’ve not achieved what we’d consider noteworthy, getting someone to take their picture and post it on any social media platform is almost impossible. To such people, paparazzi hardly affect their lives in any way except to give them their daily dose of juicy celebrity pictures.

However, most celebrities hate paparazzi, because these photographers always invade what is supposed to be their personal space, take their images without their consent, and make it hard for them to live a normal life. These people make a living out of selling pictures of celebrities to the highest bidders, which is the reason most will literally cross any boundaries to get a shot.

Although paparazzi hardly ever alter images to make them fetch higher prices or to embarrass any celebrity, some of their images reveal a celebrity’s ugly side and their shots often look terrible. Almost all celebrities have these terrible pictures, though some have far more embarrassing ones compared to others. On the other hand, some celebrities look awesome in almost every image, including the ones taken by paparazzi when the celebrities aren’t even aware. Here’s a list of celebrities, eight of whom look terrible in paparazzi pictures and seven who look smokin’ hot. Which other celebrity deserves to be on this list?

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15. Lindsay Lohan Looks Terrible

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Unlike most other celebrities on this list who have very few terrible paparazzi shots, Lindsay Lohan has many. This 31-year-old actress started off as a sweet child actress and fashion model, and later became a household name, teen idol sensation, and the focus of tabloids.

However, since 2007, Lohan turned into a huge problem, largely owing to her persistent heavy drinking and party spirit. She got involved in at least two DUI incidents that resulted in the authorities placing her on probation. She also had to visit different rehabilitation facilities on at least three different occasions to receive treatment.

She has missed several court hearings in the past where on one occasion she failed to appear because she was partying in Cannes, France. She was also accused of stealing a necklace, hitting a pedestrian with her vehicle and leaving the scene of the crime, and later with misdemeanor battery over an altercation with a woman in New York. Her behavior cost her several movie deals, and although she tried getting back, she had lost precious time and her reputation wasn’t good for any film.

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